Fruit processor

Apples and pears are pressed throughout the year on the fruit processing site Konings 2 The apples are primarily from Belgium, the Netherlands and France.
The pears are mainly from Belgium, the Netherlands and to a lesser extent Spain and Portugal.
+/- 50 000 tonnes fruit is processed annually (60 % apples and 40 % pears) with a peak of 300 tonnes per day during the September – December period.
After pressing, the fruit is further processed to produce:
Freshly pressed fruit juices
After an in-depth quality control the fruit is washed, inspected and crushed. 
The mush is then transferred by pump to a decanter where the juice is separated from the pulp by centrifugal force. This primary juice is lightly pasteurised and refrigerated.
After the first pressing, a second one takes place according to the same procedure.
The secondary juice from this second pressing can then be condensed to form a concentrate. This way Konings has access to the following products all year round:
- Apple concentrate
- Pear concentrate
- Bitter-sweet concentrate
Fermentation is begun on the basis of juice or concentrate.
After fermentation and filtration the high gravity cider (or a tailor-made cider) may then be refined and refrigerated awaiting transport in bulk or bottle filling.
Konings 2 has a fermentation capacity of 2 million hectolitres .